Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World Series Limbo -- how low can you go?


As a dance, it's OK. As the status quo for the World Series, it's not good.

Major League Baseball just announced that the World Series wouldn't resume until Wednesday night at the earliest because of rain in Philadelphia. It had been hoped the game would be resumed tonight, but Mother Nature is at-bat and she keeps fouling one pitch off after another, like Ty Cobb used to do sometimes just because he could.

So Game 5 between Tampa Bay and Philadelphia remains frozen at 2-2 in the sixth inning, with the Phillies very close to clinching a Series they already lead 3-1 -- if they can find a way to win Game 5.

MLB messed up badly by letting this game go on so long in the first place -- the conditions would have been laughable if not for what was at stake. But at least is trying to right its wrong now by staying "until Thanksgiving," if need be, to get the game done.

Say what you want about the joys of outdoor baseball, but this isn't one of them. When you've got a dome, you're going to get the game in. That's what I love about covering basketball games -- there's hardly ever a weather delay.


Chris said...

Not the worst thing that could happen for baseball- a game no one was watching now has been given a bunch of publicity and now you get a shortened World Series game. Everyone that complains about the game being too long has no excuse. Ratings should be big Wed night.

Anonymous said...

I think this states the case beautifully for retractable roofs. You can have outdoor baseball with them and keep playing when the weather turns foul.

The Twins are going to regret building their new crib with no roof. Heaven forbid the Twins make the World Series when they open the new place and games start getting snowed out.