Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arizona 17, Carolina 3 as 2nd half starts badly

The Panthers haven't started the second half any better. What was Rhys Lloyd doing squib-kicking the kickoff to begin the second half, anyway?

Arizona started because of that at its own 34, and from there marched steadily down the field. The Panthers' linebacker blitzes weren't getting there as well on the drive, and Kurt Warner stepped up and hit Larry Fitzgerald for a 27-yard completion on the drive's key play.

From there, Arizona ran it in with rookie RB Tim Hightower, who took advantage of overpursuing Carolina LB Jon Beason for the score. It was 17-3, Arizona, with 10:13 left in the third.

One side note: Fox's sideline reporter, Laura Okmin, said she talked with John Fox at halftime. She quoted the Panthers coach as saying that his offense "played like crap" in the first quarter.

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Michael said...

Very little of our pass rush is "getting there." The $16 million man is coming up short more often than not again.