Sunday, October 5, 2008

Turnover-prone 3rd; Panthers lead 24-0

There were 3 turnovers in the first 2 minutes, 41 seconds of the third quarter. First, Carolina DE Julius Peppers knocked the ball out of Damon Huard's hand and Carolina recovered 13 seconds into the period.

It looked like the Panthers would at least get 3 points on that drive. But on third-and-goal from the KC five, Jake Delhomme made his worst throw of the game (actually, of the past 2 weeks). Trying to force the ball in to Steve Smith, he instead was intercepted by Jarrad Page.

That gave KC the ball back, and Huard immediately threw an interception to Carolina LB Jon Beason, who made an acrobatic grab. The Panthers couldn't get a first down, so John Kasay knocked in a 32-yard FG, and it's Carolina 24, KC 0.

My friend Joe Posnanski, the columnist for the Kansas City Star, said he's been trying to convince folks all season that the Chiefs are the worst team in football. He didn't get much help last week for that, when KC beat Denver 33-19, but he's got a lot to work with this week.

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