Sunday, October 5, 2008

Panthers dominant in first quarter

The first quarter for the Panthers couldn't have started much better. Their defense has totally dominated Kansas City in the Chiefs' first two series, putting Kansas City in third-and-25 and third-and-16 situations and getting the fans fired up (KC, of course, made neither of those, and running back Larry Johnson has 2 carries for only 2 yards so far).

They gave out towels today at Bank of America Stadium, and so the fans have been swinging them around. B of A will sell a whole lot of drinks today -- you betcha it's darn hot out here, as Sarah Palin might say.

The Panthers scored on their second possession, mostly by running the ball just like they want to. DeAngelo Williams took it in on a 10-yard burst to make it Carolina 7, Kansas City 0.

And that's where it stands after the first quarter, but the Panthers are threatening again. They've got a first-and-10 on the K.C. 15 as the period ends.

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