Sunday, October 5, 2008

31-0 Carolina at the end of 3 quarters

Now is the time to pile up your stats if you're the Carolina Panthers. Other than perhaps the Detroit game later this year, there will never be as good of an opportunity.

The Panthers slowed down a bit in the third quarter, scoring only 10 points, on a crossing route to Muhsin Muhammad that was covered so poorly that Moose took it all the way. Jake Delhomme just had this goofy grin on his face after that one, like, "Can you believe that they let Muhammad do that to them?"

Charles Chandler, incidentally, had an excellent story about how Muhammad has changed over the past couple of years in today's paper. Here's the link. It struck me while reading it that I did a story this past week on Mike Minter coaching a high school team in Concord, and here Minter is, actually a year younger than Moose.

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