Thursday, October 23, 2008

And the "Going Deep" winners are....

There were more than 350 entries for my free drawing for two copies of Gary Smith's new book "Going Deep." Thanks to ALL OF YOU for taking the time to e-mail me and enter, and I'm sorry I don't have another extra 350 or so copies of the book laying around to give to all of you.

The folks whose names were drawn and who won a copy of the book were:

** Murphy Post, who notes in his entry that he works at St. Stephens High School in Hickory as a teacher and coach.

** Frank LaBianca, who lives in Charlotte.

Thanks for playing. More than that, thanks for reading -- it heartens me to know there are so many folks out there who like to read good (or in Smith's case, great) sportswriting.

We'll do this again sometime. Meantime, if you're still interested in the book, you can get it for about $18 online and the information on how to do that is below in the blog entries just below this one.
There are a lot of other great sports books out there, too, and I'll post a list of them in a future blog since so many of you mentioned in your entries that you thought sports books made great holiday gifts.

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