Sunday, October 12, 2008

17-3 Tampa, as defense struggles again

Carolina's defense doesn't look much like the one that paced 24-9 and 34-0 victories the past 2 weeks at home. After Carolina got a tiny bit of momentum with a field goal on its last drive, Tampa Bay whipped the ball right back down the field for a field goal of its own.

Carolina did manage to stop the Bucs at about the 20, but that was only after giving up the third pass of 20 or more yards to a Tampa Bay team that has been horrible on deep passes up until this game. Its' 17-3, Tampa Bay, midway through the second quarter.


Karl said...

Time to rename the team to the Carolina Hoovers... because they are SUCKING. What the heck was that mess from Jake?

HowHeDoThat said...

Ball on the 40 yd line.

A simple 25 yard pass and a FG = 3 points before the half.

What does the Fat Slob Fox do? Takes a kneee and then laughs while running to the locker room.


Joseph said...

I think i get more and more frusterated with the way John Fox runs the team. Granted i know we are 4-1, and we have been to a super bowl, and 2 NFC championship games with him but im tired of watching the panthers be so boring! Down by 14 ball at the 40 yard line with 9 seconds to go, WHY NOT TRY to get in field goal range and get 3 points! But he has no balls to do that. Without watching i know most of the time its run on first and 2nd down, then throw on 3rd down. He never trys anything new to get something going. How about no huddle, or how about passing to set up the run, instead of be so hard headed where you think you have to run to set up the pass! I dont even know if i want to go to the game next week or against denver just tired of seeing such a predictiable offense! Even the announcers were talking about how we dont take chances down the field! I forgot we threw an interception to MM in the endzone so i guess we shouldnt do that anymore (thats why John is probably thinking)

Joseph said...

Time for a new coach next year! Tired of having a coach that doesnt take chances!