Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nasty Panther offense; 10-0 Arizona lead

Carolina's offense has done nothing so far. Worse than that, the Panthers' offense just set up an Arizona TD by turning the ball over at its own 5-yard line.

On the key play, the Cardinals blitzed LB Karlos Dansby. Carolina RB DeAngelo Williams tried to get over to pick him up, but couldn't. Dansby banged into Jake Delhomme, stripped the ball and recovered it at the Carolina 5.

It took Kurt Warner only one play to convert that, as he hit Anquan Boldin for a 5-yard TD. Boldin was in a mismatch on the play, being covered by Carolina LB Thomas Davis, who never closed the gap. Midway through the second quarter, it's Arizona 10, Carolina 0, and the Panthers need to reverse the momentum badly.

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Michael said...

Williams did what he always did in pass protection; shook hands and waved as the defender blew by.