Sunday, October 26, 2008

Panthers fortunate to be down only 10-3 at half

It wasn't a great half of football for Carolina, but the Panthers have managed to stay within a TD despite being outplayed in the first 30 minutes.

Arizona outgained Carolina 188-122 in the first half and caused the game's only turnover. However, the Cardinals had a crucial late misfire. On 4th-and-15 from the Carolina 21 with about 1:10 to go, Arizona ran a fake field-goal attempt. It didn't work, as Carolina's Charles Godfrey stayed home and chased down the Arizona receiver about 5 yards short of the first down.

So Arizona could have led 13-3, but instead is up only 10-3. In fact, much of the first half was a story of missed opportunities for points: Muhammad's dropped TD pass for Carolina, Arizona getting stifled on third-and-goal at the Carolina 1 and having to settle for a field goal, Carolina having a couple of close-but-no-cigar long throws to Steve Smith.

Hopefully, the second half has a little more scoring to come. I'm not much for defensive battles.

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