Sunday, October 19, 2008

Panthers 10 New Orleans 7 after turnover

The Panthers just converted a turnover caused by Julius Peppers into a TD, taking a 10-7 lead with 9:58 left in the second quarter.

Peppers' tomahawk chop of the ball out of Jeremy Shockey's hands was the first key play, giving Carolina possession at the New Orleans 40. Then, on third-and-7, Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith connected for the first time in the game on a 19-yard pass. Smith set that one up beautifully with an outside head fake to CB Mike McKenzie, and it netted 19 yards.

The third key play came on 1st-and-10 from the 18. Jonathan Stewart squirted through on a beautifully blocked play, right between RT Jeremy Bridges and TE Jeff King. He scored, standing up and basically untouched, and Carolina took the lead again in what has been a very entertaining game so far.

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