Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and a full "moon"

Now here's something I don't think you would ever see in a Panther locker room. San Francisco 49ers' head coach Mike Singletary admits to dropping his pants in front of his players in the locker room to make a motivational point at halftime of the 49ers' loss last Sunday. Singletary discussed the matter in an interview with a Chicago radio station today, saying he was trying to make his team understand they were getting their tails kicked.

That was Singletary's first game as an NFL head coach after replacing Mike Nolan, who got fired during the season, and it was a doozy. Singletary also changed QBs prior to the game, then ripped tight end Vernon Davis during it and sent him to the showers, then figuratively threw Davis under the bus with a postgame rant.

I wrote a column about how coaches motivate football players earlier this week -- click here to see it -- but too bad it wasn't a few days later. This could have been good fodder.

Seems to me like Singletary is trying too hard, just throwing everything he can think of against the wall and hoping something will stick. You remember Singletary as a linebacker, right? The cameras loved his eyes, because they got so huge before a play. It seemed like they were everywhere.

Now they need to focus more. Singletary's head no longer needs to be on a swivel. It needs to look straight ahead, toward a goal. For all of John Fox's faults, he is very good at doing that.

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