Sunday, October 12, 2008

8 Things I Didn't Like about Carolina's 27-3 loss to Tampa Bay

Out of a bazillion choices, here are the 8 things I didn't like the most about Carolina’s 27-3 loss to Tampa Bay, which tied the two NFC South teams at 4-2 atop the division (along with surprising Atlanta):

1) Can the Panthers not figure out how to get a punt off? Jason Baker has now had 3 blocked this season. The one that was blocked only 2 ½ minutes into the game and went for a Tampa Bay TD set the tone for this rout.

2) Jake Delhomme’s performance. He was 7-1 against the Bucs, but thudded to 7-2 Sunday, playing what was easily his worst game of the season. "Pretty much pathetic," Delhomme termed it, and for once Sunday, he was right on the money.

3) Carolina’s defense against Jeff Garcia. No doubt the Panthers would have rather faced pocket passer Brian Griese. Garcia tormented them like he has so many times during his career – extending plays and getting the Bucs down the field with regularity.

4) Mark Jones’ kick returns. You can’t tell me that, with all the possible returners out there, the Panthers can’t find anyone better than that.

5) Where was the oomph? You just didn't see much emotional pop from the Panthers today, and that's a problem.

6) Panthers’ butterfingers. All three of Delhomme’s interceptions were first touched by Panther receivers (Dante Rosario, Muhsin Muhammad and Steve Smith). Plus, Dwayne Jarrett was a non-factor on his few plays, and managed one embarrassing drop. And Smith, open for an easy 34-yard TD in the final minute (which was only important to fantasy leaguers), dropped that one, too.

7) Carolina’s run defense. The Panthers just wore down in the second half, as Warrick Dunn became the first back all season to run for more than 100 on Carolina.

8) John Fox’s halftime adjustments. Whatever they were, they didn’t do a bit of good.


Kyle said...

8. John Fox didn't and doesn't make halftime adjustments. The woman after halftime said john fox made no adjustments, right from his mouth. typical for Fox.

Chris said...

How come Steve Smith is not used on Punt and Kickoff returns? The standard operating procedure by all NFL teams is to use some sort of fringe player. Why is that? You don't see injuries by the return man too often. I don't understand why you would not the best player to perform those duties each and every time (this does not apply exclusively to the Panthers). Would give 5 to 8 more touches per game in an open field environment.

HowHeDoThat said...

Ball on the 40 yd line.

A simple 25 yard pass and a FG = 3 points before the half.

What does the Fat Slob Fox do? Takes a kneee and then laughs while running to the locker room.


HowHeDoThat said...

We went From Beating KC to being KC.

Way to have the team prepared Porky.

Why wasn't Homme pulled in 1st hald after he threw four passes (and the game) no where near the receivers.

Gotta love the two personal grounding passes in a row when we were down 14. It's like a baby saying "It my ball and I'm taking it home".

Grow some stones Panthers/

HowHeDoThat said...

Down 20 points in the 2nd half and porky boy still wants to establish a running game.

Then Gayhoome throws two passes in a row in the ground when we're losing by 20. You got the best receiver in the NFL and you want to establish the run down by 20? Unreal?

Problem with this team is they want to win 3 out of 4 games each quarter of the season. That's their goal.

And they want to make the playoffs. Why? So they can get blown out on the road in the first round. Lofty Ambitions I say.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Doody - Why don't you put some money aside from the paper route and get direct TV. With all your comments about coach's physique, you must be a closeted, gay chubby-chaser. Might I suggest Filthyhydelphia? You may find Andy Reid attractive, you moron. Panther fans don't need your pathetic spewing.

Jason said...

They didn't show up wanting to play today. The Panthers from the last 3 seasons showed up instead of this year's team.

CMF said...

What's with Rosario and Jones on kick offs now? I might have missed him, but I didn't see Stewart on the kickoffs or on offense much today. I do understand the importance of establishing the running game, but with SS and Moose, you've got one of the best recieving tandems in the league. Fox should try using that in order to establish the run.

Carl said...
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Carl said...

As much as I love the Panthers, I hope they go right in the tank. Maybe we can then get a head coach that isn't a stubborn goat and has some flexibility. I thought Fox should have been fired 2 years ago and feel even more strongly after yesterday's game. Nothing has changed, the Panthers are still below average at best and will be until ownership gets their head out of you know where.

Lana said...

Chris sez:

"You don't see injuries by the return man too often."

Tell that to UNC's Brandon Tate.