Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stephen Curry column coming

Just wanted to let yall know that I spoke to Stephen Curry today via phone -- he's in Oakland, preparing for the start of the NBA season next week. And you'll be glad to know he's still got a "704" area code on his cel phone -- a little touch of home.

A column based on that interview is here. Much of it concerns Curry's idea to send out 2,000 "Thank You" postcards to the Davidson community -- quite a gesture for a 21-year-old NBA rookie, I thought.

Curry sounded good. He said he'd only been really homesick once, when Davidson had its "Midnight Madness" last Friday night and he wasn't there.

Curry hasn't been starting but has been playing 27 minutes a game in the preseason for Golden State, which oddly enough sports another product from a Charlotte private school -- Anthony Morrow, who could give Curry a run for his money in H-O-R-S-E. Someone with the Warriors told me Morrow was doing a three-point shooting drill not too long ago and he shot 112 threes with no one guarding him and an assistant coach rebounding for him.

Know how many Morrow made? 97.

But I digress. This column is about the 21-year-old Curry, his transition to the NBA game and the fairly remarkable way he decided to say "Thank You" to the Davidson community recently. Again, here's the link.


Anonymous said...

Is a "cel" phone the same as a "cell" phone. Please be professional and USE SPELL CHECK.

Anonymous said...

Will the O please stop sniffing this kids jock! I am so sick of reading about Curry. He hasn't even done anything.