Sunday, October 25, 2009

Buffalo takes 7-0 lead

Jake Delhomme's 11th interception of the season has led to an early lead for the Buffalo Bills.

The first two possessions for each team ended in punts, but the game sparked to life (in a bad way for the Panthers) when Delhomme faded back and tried to hit tight end Gary Barnidge about 25 yards downfield.

Many of Delhomme's interceptions this season have come on throws up the middle, and this was another. The ball was badly overthrown and intercepted by Buffalo's Jairus Byrd, who returned it all the way to the Carolina 7.

Buffalo's Marshawn Lynch waltzed in on the second play from there -- he started slowing down about the 5 when he realized how easy it was going to be -- and Buffalo had taken a quick 7-0 lead.


Jennifer said...

I would have capped the BADLY OVERTHROWN in this article....ugh!!!

Anonymous said...

Who didn't think this would happen? Again, instead of Jake returning with Steve Austin Bionic Arm after Tommy Johns surgery, he returned with a Dr. Strangelove arm. Uncontrollable.

Anonymous said...

Jake is past his prime. I don't understand why the Panthers didn't draft new blood or trade for a solid backup with potential to start.

Here's a hint: The Redskins have a second year backup QB named Colt Brennan. Maybe you've heard of him -- Heisman candidate from Hawaii. I bet the Panthers could make out like bandits with a trade for him...