Sunday, October 18, 2009

21-all as Jake throws a pick-six

The Carolina Panthers, once ahead 21-7 late in the third quarter, just got tied 21-all with 8:33 left in the fourth quarter without Tampa Bay scoring an offensive TD.

How did it happen? Tampa first ran a kickoff back 97 yards for a TD. Then, Jake Delhomme made one of his worst throws from the season (and there have been a lot to choose from), getting picked off by Tanard Jackson, who ran it back 26 yards for a game-tying score.

It was Delhomme's 10th interception of the season (he's had two today). The Panthers have run the ball for close to 200 yards today but their passing game has been mostly awful so far.

Delhomme remains in the game, trying to get the Panthers back in front again.


Anonymous said...

Do you think every team in the NFL knows when Jake Delhomme is trying to throw to Steve Smith? You can see his eyes from the blimp.

60 points given up on interceptions this year.

Let's given him another 2 years on his contract extension. Geez!

Anonymous said...

When it enough enough? Richardson needs to speak up now about his team and letting puppets run the show. Jake should have been yanked from the 1st game of the season.

If we win this game, give the game ball to the RBs....Jake did absolutely NOTHING. I don't know what it is with him, but Jake's career is officially over, and it's time to start a new era with a new QB.

Might as well run the RBs shotgun at this point.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think we could get a 6th round pick for Delhomme and Fox prior to the trade deadline? :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jake is gonna try to beat the single season record for interceptions at 42. At this pace, he just might do it!

Panther Dan said...

I was a Delhomme guy, but enough is enough. Not sure where it all went to hell for Jake, but it is clearly there now. IF Carolina wants an opportunity to make this season respectable( and by that I mean better than 6-10), either pull Jake or just make him hand off EVERY play for the rest of the year. Not a single pass. Ever.

Rob said...

Why do they Allow Jake to Throw? 8 minutes left in the game and they show signs of a Running Game...WHY Oh WHY DO THEY THROW THE BALL????

JAKE CANNOT THROW - he is a stick of dynamite..

lannie said...

The team does not seem to get along these days or even like each other--that comes from poor leadership. Something is wrong at the top and the players are not happy campers.

Forget dissecting play after play--and players after player its useless and waste of time.

As long as they keep Jake it over and been over. This team gets rid of good players and keeps bad.