Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carolina gets safety; Buffalo leads 7-2

The Panthers just got their second safety of the season (after not having one since 2006 prior to that) and have cut Buffalo's lead to 7-2.

The safety was set up at first by Jason Baker's excellent punt, which pushed Buffalo to its own 4. After a false-start penalty on the Bills, the ball was placed at the 2. Then Carolina called a quick timeout to avoid getting its own flag for 12 men on the field.

Following the timeout, nose tackle Hollis Thomas and several others piled onto Buffalo tailback Fred Jackson, who didn't come close to making it out of the end zone. So the Panthers' defense is trying to inspire its anemic offense, which hasn't scored in its first 5 possessions (see previous blog post below).

One other note: Muhsin Muhammad left the game briefly with what was described as a knee injury, but he's now back in the game.


Anonymous said...

DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! jake is the most consistant player on the PANTHERS team. You throws INTs in every game...

NC Aggie said...

Well, well! Panthers offense scored 0 points against the Buffalo Bills and the Bills scored on a turnover caused by Jake. So I guess this is Peppers fault as well even though he only plays on one side of the ball.

Jake, John, and the offensive coordinator ALL need to be benched permanently.