Sunday, October 18, 2009

Panthers up 14-7 after Davis int.

Thomas Davis started the third quarter off nicely for Carolina, leaping high to intercept a pass and returning it 24 yards to Tampa Bay's 12. Bucs QB Josh Johnson really locked onto his receiver on the pass, but Davis also made a great catch (the kind that the Panther DBs have generally dropped this season).

Carolina then scored the hard way -- running the ball 4 straight times, including a fourth-and-1 play to DeAngelo Williams that gained 2 yards. Then Jake Delhomme threw on the fifth play off play-action to TE Jeff King for a 1-yard TD. (King made a nice play to grab a ball that was slightly behind him).

Delhomme now has four TD passes on the season -- all to tight ends. Carolina leads, 14-7, early in the third quarter.

Also, Clifton Smith -- the player Dante Wesley blatantly hit too early on a punt return just before halftime -- has a concussion and won't return for the second half.

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Anonymous said...

Richard Marshall may be the worst tackler in the league...I had high hopes for him but he has done nothing.