Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bucs up 7-0 after 4 minutes

Carolina just got off to the same sort of awful start it did last week against the Redskins.

The Panthers trailed quickly in that one, 7-0, and now have had the same thing happen again. Carolina went 3-and-out in its first series -- two runs by DeAngelo Williams went nowhere and then Jake Delhomme couldn't find Steve Smith deep (despite 1-on-1 coverage) on third-and-long. Delhomme overthrew the ball.

Tampa Bay immediately took the ball 59 yards in five plays. Chris Gamble missed a key tackle that would have gotten Carolina off the field on third down -- instead, the Bucs gained 29 on the pass. And then Cadillac Williams scored standing up from 20 yards out when Panthers DE Tyler Brayton got caught inside.

Williams easily circled outside of Brayton and then everyone else was gone -- he coasted into the end zone. With 10:57 still left in the first quarter, it's Tampa Bay 7, Carolina 0.


Anonymous said...

Fox still does'nt have them prepared ,they won't win,and it will be the same all year long until Fox is gone.

Killerkats said...

How useless is Chris Gamble? He couldn't cover a receiver who has a broken leg. Another useless contract extension. The Carolina defense, bend, bend, bend, break.