Friday, October 9, 2009

Coming Sunday: Peppers play-by-play

Do you remember when Julius Peppers said this? It was back in August, and The Observer's own Charles Chandler asked Peppers in an exclusive interview about his reputation for taking plays off -- not trying his hardest, basically -- during games.

Peppers said this:

"I don't know who put it out there. But it seems like everybody jumped on the bandwagon and formed an opinion for themselves based on what (someone) else said. But if they look at the tape, they'll see whether I play hard or not, and I do."

So, after the Panthers' 0-3 start, we came up with an idea at The Observer: I would look at the tape. I mean, really look at it. Chart it. Study it. Not just watch Peppers for an occasional defensive series and try to glean what is happening to No.90 from that. I did that for all 3 games the Panthers have played this season.

You'll find the results in Sunday's Charlotte Observer and on online. I think some of the numbers will surprise you.

And if you're curious about where my prediction for Sunday's Washington-Carolina game is, read the blog entry just below this one.


Anonymous said...

nice idea scott. Im guessing the numbers aren't as bad as some think. oh,by the way, Gary Williams did this last year on wfnz.

Scott S. said...

What a dumb idea. Last time I checked football was a team game. How about charting how many blocks this sorry OL misses or how many crappy throws Jake makes.

Anonymous said...

Gary Williams just did the Peppers sack watch. He didn't chart every play.

David M. said...

Purpose being? Your DVR analysis is going to prove what? That you should become another journalist turned GM ala Marty Hurney? Guess you can pretend for a day.

Just sounds like a bad idea, not likely to uncover anything we haven't seen before, more likely to just stir up more s**t which seems to be the motivation of this.

I guess it's all about the web hits. Just be sure to conclude that Everette Brown or Charles Johnson should be starting instead so you or your editors can justify this piece.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get someone who knows football to do it? From reading your columns you should definitely leave football to somebody else. And didn't the Observer do this two years ago?

Anonymous said...

It's a good idea. I'd like to know how often Peppers "plays contain", which is the way he takes plays off. Watch how he avoids contact. See how much time the qb has to find a receiver.
The question is: Are you going to have someone watching the DE on the other side? Are you going to watch a DE on another team on every play? We need a comparison.

Anonymous said...

Why do you sorry ass fans even read the columns if your just going to post negative comments about Scott? Go watch some internet porn on sundays and stay off the forums.

*IF* the panthers would blitz more, then teams would have to change their blocking schemes and Peppers would benefit from it. IF we would get a lead and MAKE teams half to catch up by passing, Peppers would benefit from it. IF our corners didn't play soft 10 yrds off the WR's Peppers would benefit. Stop hating on Pep, and give the guy some help. he isn't the only player we have.

I agree with the guy who said to analyze Jake. What's his 3rd down %, and how many passes does he force when someone else is open?

That being said, I wouldn't want to play here because TOO MANY fans are fairweather fans, and Fox is so damn old school and stuborn to know when something isn't working is hurts.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that scott s. says it's a team game and then goes on to criticize one unit and another individual in particular. be consistent please.