Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 punts, 1 int for Panthers in first 5 drives

Carolina's first 5 drives have not been anything to write home about: 4 punts and an interception so far. It remains Buffalo 7, Carolina 0 midway through the second quarter.

The Panthers' best chance at scoring so far came midway through the second quarter, but was not helped along by its head coach.

John Fox -- who has been going for it on fourth down more often this year -- reverted to his conservative ways early in the second quarter. On fourth-and-inches from the Buffalo 25, Fox sent out kicker John Kasay. And Kasay, usually automatic from the 43-yard distance, made this timid decision look even worse by hooking the ball wide right.

A look at a couple of key Panther players so far:

-- Steve Smith, who said he no longer was an "asset" to the Panthers after catching 1 ball for 4 yards, has caught a couple of passes, but the longest only for 10 yards (that drew a huge cheer from the fans). On this blog I predicted Smith would touch the ball within Carolina's first 5 plays in this game -- he caught a 5-yard pass on Carolina's second offensive play.

-- Jonathan Stewart left with a hand injury, which required rookie Mike Goodson to carry the ball for a couple of plays. But Stewart is now back.

-- Julius Peppers has been playing well early: he's made a couple of nice plays in the running game. He also has been unusually demonstrative, going down the sideline to slap about 10 teammates' hands in a row and also seeking out a nearby Terrell Owens after one play to slap hands with him.


DWright1 said...

You know, if all I had was the audio on this game (no announcers), I'd suspect we were in Buffalo. Just makes me sick.

Jennifer said...

What is up with Kasay today....SO NOT LIKE HIM!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care how long John Kasay has been a Carolina panther.There is no excuse for missing a FG.This 2 FG were a cheep shot

Anonymous said...

Scott any Chance that will see Rhys Lloyd try FG?

Anonymous said...

so, when will we trade Delhomme and fire John Fox? Doesn't Bill Cower want to leave retirement and come back to coaching in the NFL and doesn't he live in Raleigh, NC?

Angela said...

I love it is off with Kasay's head...passing the buck seems to be the norm sad...everybody has an off day...John is having one but my question is why should winning the game rest solely on John Kasay...what do we have a QB and offense for if the Kicker is the person that the fans are looking for to win the game this week...AMAZING!!