Sunday, October 25, 2009

7-2 at halftime; Kasay misses again

The Panthers have the edge in just about every statistic but the score in this one. It's halftime, and Buffalo still leads, 7-2.

On the closing play of the first half, John Kasay missed wide left on a 39-yard field goal. He had already missed a 43-yard field goal earlier in the half -- an uncharacteristically bad half for the original Panther.

In terms of statistics, Carolina is just creaming the Bills. Buffalo's only scoring drive was only 7 yards, thanks to Jake Delhomme's lone interception (Delhomme is 16-26 for 154 yards in the first half). DeAngelo Williams has rushed for 65 yards in the first half and Steve "The Asset" Smith has four catches for 43 yards.

Buffalo, meanwhile, has just two first downs. The Panthers' D has totally dominated the Bills except for allowing the TD from 7 yards out. Buffalo QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is 3-for-9 for 30 yards.

But the only number that really matters is the scoreboard, and Carolina is still down by 5 there.


Jennifer said...

Agree with everything in this article but the D "allowing" the TD, from 7 was already given to them as an early christmas present with pretty wrapping on it, with a card saying from your hands to mine....jake

Anonymous said...

true dat jennifer, cant keep blaming the d, when the o isnt worth a shit

Anonymous said...

Yank this Cajun GOOBER out of the darn game! This is rediculous! It's ALL his fault today, NO EXCUSES!

jimmymac said...

Delhomme needs a passing coach to figure out why they sail high. Almost every interception is due to overthrown ball. He tries forcing it to Smith too much, a big mistake. When Kasay starts missing, you know we are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

John Fox you have gotta go. Swallow your pride and bench Jake and bring in Feeley.