Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Washington-Carolina prediction

A few notes about the Panthers' 1 p.m. home game against Washington Sunday, followed by my prediction (I am 2-1 predicting Panther games so far this season but missed on the Dallas game two weeks ago):

-- This is a game where the Panthers need to run something like 40 times for 180 yards. That’s their game plan for success. Quarterback Jake Delhomme is so much more effective if teams actually believe the play-action fake occasionally.

-- One big problem for Carolina: Washington’s 350-pound defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. He may be the league’s best run-stuffer. The last time he played Carolina, in 2007, he also had three sacks (while playing for Tennessee and running after the hapless David Carr).

When asked about Haynesworth this week, Panther running back DeAngelo Williams said: “That’s the million dollar man over there – the $100 million man. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to short him $99 million.” Indeed, Haynesworth signed a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Redskins this offseason.

-- When asked what sort of impact Haynesworth can make, Williams said: “Huge. I mean, in all aspects – his body size and his wallet and his game on the field. He is a three-dimensional player.” I just love that quote.

-- Another big question Sunday: Which No.89 is more electrifying? The Redskins’ Santana Moss has had better statistics than Carolina’s Steve Smith so far in 2009, scoring twice on TDs of more than 55 yards. They are similarly (under)sized players with similar skill sets, so you'll see both of them streaking deep a number of times Sunday afternoon.

-- After a week off, the Panthers are about as healthy as they have been over the past month and they are playing a team with just about as many problems as they have. I think Carolina pulls out its first win of the season. My prediction: Carolina 23, Washington 17.


Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick here, but the game in 2007 was in Nashville, not Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

I'm a PSL owner and an old Redskins fan. I always want the Panthers to win, but this game bothers me. Here's why.

CAROLINA OFFENSE: The Panthers had a bye week, so I didn't get to talk about this much. It's a disgrace that DeAngelo Williams carried the ball 11 times against the Cowboys on Monday night. There's nothing like taking the ball out of your best player's hands and putting all of your faith into a quarterback who turns it over non-stop.

Carolina has to get back to running the ball. The Redskins aren't particularly strong against the rush (19th), so if Williams gets enough touches, he should be able to have a pretty good game.

However, that really won't matter if Jake Delhomme keeps fumbling and throwing interceptions. Two of his three games this year have been ugly, while the Atlanta contest could have been just as bad if a Falcon defender didn't drop a pick-six in the first quarter.

WASHINGTON OFFENSE: I was encouraged to see that Clinton Portis ran the ball 25 times last week. Portis has screws in both of his ankles (ouch) and a bum calf, so there was some speculation that he could miss the Tampa Bay game.

Portis managed about four yards per carry, a number he should be able to match versus a woeful Carolina defense ranked 29th versus the pass.

With Portis going, Jason Campbell will cut down on the turnovers this week, and go to Santana Moss and Chris Cooley as often as possible. The Panthers have a solid secondary, but I have faith in Campbell to convert third-and-short opportunities in an underdog role. It helps Campbell that Carolina can't get to the quarterback (4 sacks).

The Redskins are a bit underrated right now because they lost the Lions, and also nearly went down to St. Louis and Tampa Bay. Washington stinks as a big favorite, but they've proven in the past that you can trust them as an underdog (5-4 ATS as dogs, 2-8 ATS as favorites under Jim Zorn). The Redskins still play solid defense and can run the ball if Portis gets enough carries. Carolina, meanwhile, has major problems at quarterback.

- Panthers are 13-22 ATS as a home favorite of 3.5 or more since 2001.
- Panthers are 20-28 ATS at home since 2003.
- Jake Delhomme is 14-20 ATS as a home favorite.
- Jake Delhomme is 3-7 ATS off back-to-back losses.

I hope I'm wrong, but:

Redskins 24, Panthers 20

- Dan

Anonymous said...


Is your last name Snyder?

Scott Fowler said...

RE: that first comment... exactly right, and thanks. I changed the blog to take the Charlotte reference out.... Scott

Anonymous said...

Please read again. He never said that they played in Charlotte. He said the last time they played.

Anonymous said...

Fox's teams usually beat bad teams and lose to good teams. The Redskins are a bad team.

Keith said...

The Redskins have internal problems, too, with the new "consultant" that was hired out of the blue.

The Redskins are going to be playing with something to prove Sunday, and so Zorn doesn't get fired if they lose.

MrBernz (not anonymous) said...

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO PANTHERS!!!!!!!! I agree it was stupid for the Panthers to only run the ball, what was it 17 times?, against Dallas. I think Fox wanted to prove that Delhomme is still a good qb, at the cost of the game. Theyre supposed to be a running team, & they abandoned the run before they were even down in the score. Even down by 6 they should have been running the ball at least 2 of 3 plays until the passing game opened up a little.

Anonymous said...

What kills me is that Fox thinks Jake had a "good game" just because he only throws 1 or 2 int's. What about the third downs, much less touchdowns. If you think Jake STILL gives us the best chance to win, then WHY PAY THE OTHER QB's???? If they suck worse then that, why not get someone better, and stop digging through recycled QB's that other teams realize aren't any good???

I like Fox, AND Hurney, but they HAVE to realize it's time for a change. Soft zone coverage and no blitz's arent working. Smith running the same tired old routes from the same spot isn't working. NOT running the football is not working. Jake making horrible decisions, and bad passes isn't working.

If this continues, then we will have the 1st pick in the second round next year.

Anonymous said...

im getting sick and tierd of all these negative fans. put it like this we have the peices in place on offense we just need a qb that can get the ball to smith or mus and are freaken back up recievers need to step there game up because its just rediculess to think that smith and mus can always dig us out a big whole. and its just rediculess time after time 8 guys in the box and atleast two defenders on smith can fox count thats going to atleast leave someone one on one with someone and are defense needs to get there stuff together up im tierd of watching are corners playing like 10 yards off the receiver and we all seen what happen teams always do a quick slant or quick curl they need to play more man to man

Anonymous said...

Scott, do you ever listen to the F.U. on 610 the Fan??? If not you should check them out. Pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Pathers (Jakie) will choke at home as soon as one or two bad things happen. Our porous D will make the woeful Washington O look good. I think the Panthers lay an egg at home...sadly.

Anonymous said...

Everyboby take a Chill Pill, the Panthers are going to Win on Sunday. So grab your choice of beverage, kick back and enjoy the game.

Anonymous said...

My prediction Panthers 0 Redskins 60
Panthers suck.

Anonymous said...

Panthers aren't playing so hot, the Skins are worse.
Panthers 30
Redskins 10

Anonymous said...

My prediction:
The Panthers get a great first drive, score on the ground, shelve the gameplan and implode until the last drive when they score again.
Simple history folks, it repeats itself.....

Jennifer said...


Redskins 60
Panthers 0 ??

Sounds like you been sucking on something to..

Just saying <:-)