Sunday, November 23, 2008

This late starting time is weird...

It's 4:05 p.m. in the Georgia Dome. That's usually when Panthers game end, except when they are on the West Coast.

Not this time. Because the Panthers-Falcons game was moved to TV to draw a wider audience, we're 10 minutes from kickoff. The Dome is loud, there are fireworks going off, there's a 40-yard-long Atlanta Falcons flag fluttering on the field -- it feels like a pretty big game.

I like the Georgia Dome as a venue. Always have. It's underrated as to how loud it can get, too -- Jake Delhomme will have some trouble getting the signals out on third downs here. That always happens.

I remember seeing the Panthers' first-ever real game here in 1995, when they lost to Atlanta in OT (Frank Reich was the QB). And the Olympics. And the Super Bowl. And the Final Four. And the ACC tournament. This place has hosted one huge event after another.

Hopefully today will be another good one. Keep checking back -- I'll be updating the "Scott Says" blog throughout the game. As my fine colleagues have already noted on their "Inside the Panthers" blog, the Falcons will wear all-black today, the Panthers all white and Dwayne Jarrett is active (while D.J. Hackett, who's been quite disappointing is not).


Bengoodfella said...

Three and out first drive after Atlanta scored and then the Falcons get a touchdown. Typical let down game start.

Carol said...

As I said last week. Who will the Panthers beat from here on out? I give them a 9-7 record at best. Today just adds to my thoughts. I love my Panthers but their QB is worthless. And on we go.

Beat Green Bay next week? Not a chance. What happened to that terrific running game? (Against the sad Lions? - What a joke.)

On the way to 9-7 and counting. I have pity on those who expect any more. We need a QB to win with this team. Jake is not the answer.