Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Expecting points in Green Bay

Green Bay and quarterback Aaron Rodgers scored 29 points Monday night -- and lost.

Didn't it seem like tons of NFL teams were putting up 40 or more this past weekend? That wasn't just your imagination -- the NFL actually set a record for most total points scored in a single weekend.

The old record was 788. This past weekend blasted past that mark, with 837 (an average of 52.3 points in the 16 NFL games played). The Panthers and their next opponent Green Bay both did their part to set the record, losing 45-28 and 51-29, respectively.

So logic would say that this week's Carolina game at Green Bay will produce a high-scoring contest, but you never know. Weather can always be a factor at Green Bay, and certainly both defenses' pride has been stung. Nevertheless, I feel like the winning team will probably need at least 24 in this one.

I like seeing the high-scoring games myself, and am OK for the most part with the way the quarterbacks are protected by the NFL to help that cause.

According to the NFL: Games this season are averaging 45.0 points (so a 24-21 game would be right on the average).

If that average holds, it would top last season’s average of 43.4 and also surpass the record average since the 16-game schedule was instituted in 1978 of 43.7 points per game in 1983.

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