Sunday, November 23, 2008

17-13 -- Panthers now within 4

Carolina just scored again on John Kasay's 21-yard field goal, as the Panthers have sliced a one-time 17-0 Atlanta lead to 17-13.

With 5:27 left in the third quarter, the momentum has clearly shifted to Carolina, but will it be enough? Spotting Atlanta 17 early, the Panthers have scored the game's last 13 points on two Kasay field goals sandwiched around a DeAngelo Williams scoring run.

This most recent drive was workmanlike: 55 yards on 12 plays, with the big one a draw to DeAngelo that converted a third-and-9. The Panthers then tried another draw to DeAngelo on 3rd-and-6 from the Atlanta 7, but this one was stopped a couple of yards short, which brought Kasay in for the FG.

In any event, this once looked like it would be a rout and now has turned into an actual game.

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