Friday, November 28, 2008

My Panthers-Packers prediction

** Lambeau Field is a superb place to watch a game, and I’ve been fortunate enough to see two memorable ones there. One was the Panthers’ NFC championship game loss to Brett Favre, Reggie White and Green Bay during the 1996 season – it was unbelievably cold that day. The other was Steve Beuerlein’s “quarterback draw” game (see my Sunday column for a lot more details on that one) in 1999.
Sounds like it may snow Sunday during the game. That’d be fun.

** The Panthers and the Green Bay Packers are both smarting a little after last week – particularly their defenses. I don’t think this game will be 51-45, like you would think if you were only going by last week, but I believe the winning team will need to score at least 24.

** If Steve Smith doesn’t score a touchdown from at least 40 yards out against Green Bay, I’ll be surprised. The Packers’ safeties not only aren’t very good, they’re also banged up. Green Bay’s cornerbacks, on the other hand, are usually excellent (when they’re not facing Drew Brees). So Smith will sometimes be blanketed by cornerbacks Al Harris or Charles Woodson. But when he can shake free of those two, he can definitely beat the Packers’ safeties, and that will spell a TD.

** While the Packers have a fine homefield advantage at Lambeau and Carolina is only 2-3 on the road this season, the 5-6 Packers are also the only team below .500 left on Carolina’s schedule. I think Carolina will have just enough to pull this one out.
My prediction: Carolina 27, Green Bay 22.


Scout said...

A 5 point spread isn't giving the "cats" that much credit....but who is after a loss like the one against Atlanta, and the play against Detroit and Oakland. As much as I hate to say it... Green Bay 31... Carolina 24...hope I'm wrong..

Danman said...

I'm thinking 34-21 Panthers. It's a must win for us and the guys know it. Look for the offense to be much moreaggressive and the defense to be great after that sinkhole of a 4th quaerter in Atlanta. We need to be 11-3 when we go into New York. It's definitely doable. Everybody should be as fired up as Smitty and Jake.

Anonymous said...

So I've heard too much back and forth about Julius Peppers. With the signing of Gamble, which is nice, does this mean they are starting to fade away from talks with Pepp? I try not to be biased as he is one of my favorite playes, but is the front office really considering letting someone this good go to another team?

Anonymous said...

After last week I hope the defence doubled up on work this week and I expect it to be a close game, to the tune of 21 panthers 20 packers with a game winning final drive with THE MAN Jake Delhomme at the controls.

Scott Fowler said...

Hi, guys: It's Scott. Re: Snowmn81 comment on Gamble -- I don't think the Panthers will let Peppers go. No way. John Fox loves that guy. He's always defending his performance -- even in 2007, when Peppers was pretty much awful. I think if they have to franchise Peppers, they will. He's not going anywhere anytime soon.