Sunday, November 30, 2008

Panthers tie game at 28-all

Carolina finally broke out of its second-half offensive funk, as DeAngelo Williams just scored his third TD of the game to tie it at 28-all with 11:10 to go in the fourth quarter.

Carolina had been awful offensively until then, getting outscored 18-0 in the second half. But Mark Jones provided a spark with a 51-yard kickoff return. Then Muhsin Muhammad drew a 14-yard pass interference penalty, and somehow didn't get a penalty himself when he got angry and took a swing at a Green Bay player on the Packers' interception return (negated by the interference penalty).

The big play, though, came on 3rd-and-11 from the Green Bay 37, when Steve Smith did something big. In tight coverage, he went up and got a 36-yard pass to the Packers' 1. It was a good throw by Delhomme, a better catch by Smith. Williams finished it off from there with his third TD.

Now, though, Carolina's defense is going to have to try to stop the Pack. The Panthers have looked horrible on pass defense in their past two drives.


CJ said...

AMEN to the looking horrible on pass defence!

Charles said...

Scott - Tom wrote about 'panicky' fans. After GB, can anyone say, "Bad writing?" Don't dress it up - this win is on two men: Mark Jones and Steve Smith. Everyone else on this team had better start stepping up.