Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Curry for 0??!! Weird!

Stephen Curry continues to amaze, but on Tuesday night it was what he didn't do instead of what he did.

Can you believe Curry actually scored zero points in a 30-point Davidson rout of Loyola (Md.) on Tuesday?

That's right -- the first-team All-American, the one averaging 35 per game, only shot three times and missed all of those. Loyola draped two defenders on Curry all the time, so mostly he just got out of the way, stood off in his corner and let his teammates cream Loyola in 4-on-3 basketball. (Davidson does 4-on-3 drills regularly in practice, so it paid off this time).

I wasn't there, but it sounds like vintage Curry. He really doesn't care if he sets scoring records or not. He likes to win. Most of the time, that means he has to score at least 40 percent of Davidson's points, but not Tuesday.

Oddly, I almost took a couple of my kids to Tuesday's game at Davidson but ultimately couldn't because we had too much going on at home. I hardly ever pay to see any sporting events -- I see so many already for work -- but Curry is one guy I'll pay to see. And that absolutely doesn't change after he scores zero in a game -- in fact, I feel even more strongly about it.


Anonymous said...

Scott, I was there last night and it was the most impressive performance from Curry. He dismantled Loyola simply by being on the court. Played tight aggressive defense and showed what courage and leadership are really all about. Archambeau, Barr, Lovedale, Rossiter, Bond and others all stepped up into the gap. Davidson grows as a team, Loyola is demoralized by foolish coaching. -Bill Pitzer

Andy said...

I think that shows you how bad of a team Loyola (MD) is. You literally shut down arguably the best player of the nation not named Hansbrough and you STILL lose by 40. Great job Loyola, great job.