Sunday, November 30, 2008

Smith makes an UNBELIEVABLE catch

Steve Smith just added another one to his highlight film. Carolina had the ball, trailing 31-28, with first-and-10 on its own 45. On first down, Jake Delhomme heaved one deep down the middle toward Smith, who was double-covered.

Somehow, Smith came up with it. He cut in front of a Packer defender, secured the ball, fell down, then got up and rolled to the 1. This all happened in the snow, which has started to fall hard.

The play was reviewed but upheld. With 1:33 left, Carolina had first down at the Packers' 1. DeAngelo Williams scored again -- his fourth 1-yard TD of the day. Those four TDs set a team rercord.

Still, did Carolina score too fast? Green Bay, now down 35-31 with 1:30 left, will get the ball back with a very hot QB in Aaron Rodgers, with two timeouts remaining.


Raptor said...

HUGE VICTORY!!! Now let's put the hammer down on the Bucs next Monday night!!!

bigkountry12 said...

4 1-yd TDs from Williams... and everyone thought Stewart would be our feature goal-line back...