Saturday, November 15, 2008

Panthers-Lions pregame predictions

** The Lions are usually relevant around the NFL exactly once per season – at Thanksgiving. Even though it’s a couple of weeks early, I feel like I should be eating turkey this weekend.

** Could the Panthers actually lose this game? Absolutely. Even though Detroit is 0-9, it’s so far been impossible for a team to go 0-16 in the NFL. The Lions will beat somebody -- they came close to Chicago not long ago. If Jake Delhomme flings the ball around like he’s throwing left-handed again, like he did last week, it might be possible.

** Big day in store for the Panthers' pass rush. Carolina will get ahead, Daunte Culpepper is immobile and -- although Culpepper won't play every snap for Detroit at QB -- there are going to be at least 4-5 sacks for Carolina in this one.

** I don’t think Delhomme will throw the ball that badly for two games in a row. If he does, something’s wrong – especially since Detroit is 31st in the NFL in total defense. My prediction: Delhomme throws three TD passes and Carolina wins, 34-14.


Michael said...

With the way I expect the game to go, I doubt Jake will have a chance to get 3 TDs. I think the game will be out of hand and we'll be running before that happens.

Chief said...

I actually expect Jake to do well, but the defense to do poorly. I expect a 20-17 type score, reminiscent of the game against Detroit late in the season back in '03.

Michael said...

No way the defense struggles in this game. Culpepper's still surely working off of a limited playbook, and the Lions have given up more sacks and turned the ball over more than any other team in the NFL. I'll be SHOCKED if the defense allows a TD drive before the game is over.