Sunday, November 23, 2008

Atlanta 38-21 and turn out the lights on this one

Did I mention Atlanta wide receiver-punt returner Harry Douglas already in this blog?

The guy has been absolutely unbelievable. He just returned a punt for a touchdown to put Atlanta up 38-21 and cinch the Falcons victory -- this after scoring Atlanta's first TD and this after setting up another TD with a 69-yard reception.

Douglas is the Falcons' regular punt returner, but he's not used much on offense. He only had 12 catches for 160 yards and no TDs coming into this game. But he's been the Falcons' secret weapon in this one -- absolutely as effective as Steve Smith.


Bengoodfella said...

The defense should be very embarrassed about their performance today. Both times the offense scored a touchdown or got points to cut the lead, they gave up big plays on third down to the Falcons and eventually touchdowns. No team can win if they give up 38 points.

How many specials teams disasters do we have to happen to us this year before Danny Crossman gets his walking papers? I realize the players play the game but at some point there has to be improvement. It's clear there is a problem.

Seriously, where is the pass rush?

Scout said...

Seems like when the offense shows up the defense doesn't, and vice versa! IMO the problem lyes in total team effort! If they can ever hit on all eight cylinders they're better than an average team..

Tarheel82455 said...

Scott, what has happened to this team? SInce the break they have ot been the same. They barely made it through the two minor league teams and then ran into the Falcons. False starts, defenders falling down, 20+ points given up in the fourth quarter, and basically not getting the job done. An 8-3 record is not true to the performance of this team. The defense can't stop anyone and the offense seems not to show up until well into the second half. Early play calling is also suspect. If this teams does not make it well into the playoffs, the coaching staff (all of them) and some players need to be shipped out for someone who can do the job.