Sunday, November 16, 2008

21-16, Panthers, at halftime....

An eventful first half has ended, with the Panthers leading, 21-16, after scoring TDs on their final 3 possessions of the first half.

Detroit has surprised, though, playing a very respectable half for an 0-9 team. Detroit has led by as much as 10 and has moved the ball consistently against the Panthers. Carolina has only averaged allowing 14 points per game, but Detroit already has 16. The Lions haven't had to punt yet -- they've scored 4 times and turned it over twice. Three of Detroit's four scores have been field goals by Jason Hanson, however, while Carolina has cashed in for TDs each time it has had chances.

The Panthers' offensive line is starting to manhandle Detroit's front 7, and I can't see how Carolina will lose this game unless they just start fumbling on every possession. The holes that DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart ran through in the second quarter would have been big enough to accommodate Maake Kemoeatu.

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