Sunday, November 30, 2008

Panthers win 35-31; Beason clinches it

The Panthers just won an amazing game in Green Bay, as Jon Beason's interception clinched a 35-31 victory. They improve to 9-3 with the victory, keeping pace with Tampa Bay, also 9-3.

Down 31-28 late in the fourth quarter, the Panthers took the lead after Steve Smith hauled in a 54-yard pass from Jake Delhomme to set up DeAngelo Williams' fourth TD of the game. That made it 35-31, Carolina.

Still, Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers was so hot it seemed like he might navigate the Packers to one more TD. Instead, his second throw on the ensuing drive was picked off by Panther LB Jon Beason.

Carolina took over, needing one first down to cinch the game. The Panthers ran Williams three times, making Green Bay burn all of its timeouts, and then punted back to the Packers with 13 seconds to go.

Jason Baker's punt then rolled all the way to the Green Bay 5 with 2 seconds remaining. Green Bay threw one incomplete pass, and it was over -- Carolina had secured one of the most entertaining wins in its history.


pooledaddy said...

The difference in this game was the kick returning of ??? Who is this guy and where did he come from? WE haven't had a threat like that on kick returns since Micheal Bates.

Raptor said...

HUGE VICTORY!!! Now let's put the hammer down on the Bucs next Monday night!!!

David said...

Great win. The defense still looks scary at times but the win was one of the most exciting ever for the team.

The special teams on kickoffs were outstanding today...that kept us alive!

Great set up for next Monday nights game with Gruden and the Bucs...

bill said...

Just like the Arizona game, the offense bails out Mike Trgovac, 3rd down 15 you only rush 3 people. I don't care how good the numbers are, a quarterback with all day to throw is going to find an open receiver. Sitting back on your heals and waiting on an overthrown ball is not going to beat the Giants or the Bucs. Thankful for the win, don't know if this defense is going to beat a good team.

Bengoodfella said...

It still seems like every time the Panthers offense scores, the defense goes and gives up a touchdown. I don't think the defense is good enough to win the division, much less a playoff game at this point. The lack of a great pass rush on third down is killing us.

This was a massive win for the Panthers and I hope they still look to work on some things for next week. The offense looks pretty rough on third down and I am still worried about Delhomme, he doesn't look right.

Either way, this was a win that good teams get and the special teams looked great. I don't think Danny Crossman should be fired...this week.

Michael said...

Bill, Trgovac can't make the $15 million man play any harder. He racks up sacks, but most plays, he plays patty-cake with a single lineman (or, worse, TE) at the line of scrimmage.