Friday, November 21, 2008

How frustrated can Larry Brown get?

Wow. It sure hasn't taken very long for Larry Brown (right) to get frustrated about his Charlotte Bobcats team, has it? Check out this story from Rick Bonnell in today's Observer, where Brown is obviously trying to send yet another message about lack of effort to his starters.

Brown has no interest in the status quo, which is good, because the status quo for the Bobcats is another 30-52 season and a fifth straight year out of the playoffs. Brown is thinking about starting rookies D.J. Augustin (maybe ready) and Alexis Ajinca (definitely NOT ready) tonight against the Hawks. And even if he doesn't do it now, it's obvious he'll do something like that soon.

Brown is a basketball genius and a hall of fame coach, but he's far from perfect (witness the New York Knicks implosion). Even geniuses throw stuff at the wall sometimes and see what sticks, and I get the idea that's what LB is doing with this possible move.

Brown's charge of the first team not providing enough effort? Partly true, partly not.

You can't tell me Gerald Wallace doesn't play hard, for instance. I think this blanket "no effort" charge is really directed more at May -- who has been so deep in Brown's doghouse I'm not sure he will ever get out.

But it's not just May. The Bobcats aren't getting nearly enough production from Emeka Okafor, in particular, and the rest of the starters in general. Charlotte is headed straight toward another disappointing season if something doesn't change. I applaud Brown for trying to figure out something that will work.

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