Sunday, November 23, 2008

Panthers score first TD, cut lead to 17-10

The Panthers just had by far their best drive of this game, taking the kickoff and going 80 yards in only 5 plays to cut Atlanta's lead to 17-10.

Steve Smith was the difference, shaking off those 2 first-half drops to sprint 41 yards on a deep ball from Delhomme early in the drive. Then, on 2nd-and-1 from the 27, Delhomme threw to Smith again. It was one of the twosome's favorite plays -- Delhomme purposely throws the ball a little behind Smith, at his back shoulder, on a sideline route.

The play was perfectly executed and Smith went 22 yards to the Atlanta 5. DeAngelo Williams scored on the next play, and suddenly the Panthers are within 7 at 17-10, with 12:21 left in the third quarter.


Scout said...

Looks like a better team...mixing up plays..

Scout said...

First procession of the second have looked like a new ball team... Now play the big "D"...

adam said...

Most overrated 8-3 Team of all times.

Carol said...

My last week's comment said Panthers 9-7 this year. Don't know who they will beat now. Maybe a last game salary drive?
More than Jake's elbow has been "tweaked" too.

Adam, you are so right. "Most overrated 8-3 team of all times".
Welcome aboard!