Saturday, September 27, 2008

UNC, Duke both win – is it basketball season already?

Strange times indeed in the ACC today. Both UNC and Duke won to go 3-1 overall this season -- the Tar Heels with a dramatic, 28-24 win at Miami, the Blue Devils with a 31-3 hammering of Virginia at Duke. (And meanwhile, Clemson loses to Maryland).

In Chapel Hill and Durham, football tends to be an afterthought starting right about now. But not this season. Duke and UNC's football teams are going to make a few more headlines before giving way to their schools' marquee sport. Both squads have both stopped various embarrassing streaks this season, and each just had their best win of the season on the same day.

You know how has a list of the top 6-10 stories of the moment on its home page, there on the right-hand side? Saturday afternoon was the first time I can remember that two of them focused on football wins by UNC and Duke. (And a third was on The Observer reporting that the Bobcats just laid off about 35 employees not affiliated with their basketball operations, but that's another story).


Kevin said...

Are you joking? There is no reason to compare UNC with Duke's futility on the football field. Carolina has had some bad years, but Duke hasn't had success in decades.

Derek said...

Just speaking from a Duke fan's perspective, the biggest difference this season (besides confidence) is how the team has adapted to its opponents. For some reason, Roof was unable to counter his opponent's gameplans, to disastrous effect.

In the last two games (Navy and Virginia), Duke has been getting pounded on the ground, and each time, Cutcliffe and his coaching staff have been able to make the necessary changes to stop them.

After all these years of futility, it's been an absolute joy to see Duke coming on strong as a second-half team. The talent has been there, the coaching is making a world of difference.

At least Duke and their fans haven't deluded themselves into considering their team as "dark horses" for the Coastal Division.

And to think that but for a bad punt snap and poor coverage on a long pass, Duke could be looking at 4-0 today.

Jacob said...

Perhaps strong Duke and UNC football teams will help make the ACC great in the same manner it is in basketball.

Who knows--we might be seeing the formation of the new ACC. Is football going to be king in North Carolina? Will the coastal division come down to UNC at Duke?

Godwin said...

"And to think that but for a bad punt snap and poor coverage on a long pass, Duke could be looking at 4-0 today."

And except for mis-substituting in Paulus instead of Sexton in the VT game (not to mention highway robbery by the refs) UNC would also be 4-0. Weird season indeed.