Monday, September 8, 2008

Topsy turvy AFC

Who's going to win the AFC now? While those in Carolina are still celebrating the Panthers' last-second victory over San Diego, a lot more happened around the league than just that.

The top 3 teams in the AFC -- New England, Indianapolis and San Diego -- all suffered serious losses in Week 1. New England won but lost quarterback Tom Brady for the year, according to various media reports. Indianapolis took an absolute whipping courtesy of Chicago, the Panthers' next opponent. And San Diego... well, you know what happened there.

My new dark horse in the AFC to go with the Super Bowl? Pittsburgh. If Brady is truly out for the year, as it sounds like he is, I don't think New England will get there. Too early to rule Indy or San Diego out, of course, but the AFC balance of power certainly took a seismic shift Sunday.

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Graham said...

I'm not sure Pittsburgh is much of a dark horse, Scott. Didn't they like, win a super bowl recently? And looked better than anyone else this week? I personally think that the Texans are better than the Browns, so that Steelers win is much more impressive to me.

My AFC rankings:
2.Indy (they'll get back on track)
3.Denver (Cutler + diabetes treatment= awesome)
4.San Diego
5. Whatever