Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A bit of national pub for Panthers

The Panthers' slow journey back toward the national spotlight has begun -- although that journey could quickly be derailed if they lose a couple in a row.

Fox Sports spokesman Dan Bell tells me that the Panthers-Bears game will now be broadcast to 25 percent of the country in the Sunday 1 p.m. time slot. That's up from 10 percent. The change came this week after the Panthers' and Bears' surprising wins over AFC powerhouses San Diego and Indianapolis, respectively, on Sunday.

And Fox Sports will send Pam Oliver to do a sitdown interview with Jake Delhomme this week in Charlotte that will result in a national feature on Delhomme to air Sunday on the Fox pregame show (noon to 1 p.m.) Bell said it will more likely air in the first 30 minutes of the show rather than the second.

That's just a trickle of national publicity, really, compared to what the Panthers have gotten before during their playoff runs (or compared to what East Carolina is rightfully getting now). The Panthers have become a very below-the-radar team in the last two years, however, and they are hardly on in prime time at all this season. It's understandable -- they've been a middle-of-the-road team without any superstars (not a single Pro Bowler in 2007).

It's worth noting, though, that a couple of the Panthers' late-season games in 2008 could be pushed into prime time if they continue to win. Not a likelihood by any means, but a possibility.

As for the announcers for Sunday, if you care about things like that, it's Sam Rosen on play-by-play, Tim Ryan on color analysis and Chris Myers from the sideline.


Anonymous said...

"The change came this week after the Panthers' and Bears' surprising wins over AFC powerhouses San Diego and Chicago, respectively, on Sunday."

So the Bears beat Chicago?

Scott Fowler said...

Thanks, sfnynah... I appreciate the editing. You're right -- it'd be kinda hard for Da Bears to beat Da Bears. It was Indianapolis, of course, and that change is now reflected in this post.

Anonymous said...

Not that I mind the Panthers being under the radar, considering their knack of losing when they're expected to win and vice versa... but it would have been nice if Sundays game highlights weren't immediately following highlights from the "Cardinals/49rs game" (and of course the hour plus of Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Tom Brady.) It was by far the most exciting (and shocking to everyone) game of week 1!!

attackatz said...

So we have Sam "I can't remember the players name" Rosen on play-by-play and Tim "Please allow me to prove how stupid former players really are" Ryan as color analysis and Chris "Geez I can't wait for the NASCAR season to end" Myers on the sideline. Yippee! We'll know that the cats are back when we begin to get the network "A" team in town when we're not playing Green Bay or the Cowgirls. Yeah I know that's never happened but a guy can dream can't he?! Anyway, with the Sam&Tim show in town I'm really greatful that I'll be at the stadium and not at home having to listen to those two morons mangle the experience for me!

Go Panthers! Smack da bears around and send'em home to chi-town to lick their wounds!