Saturday, September 20, 2008

UNC blows one vs Virginia Tech (in a 'deja vu' way)

Just finished up in Chapel Hill covering the Tar Heels' 20-17 loss to Virginia Tech. It was an achingly familiar situation for UNC fans, as the club squandered a possible victory late. This one was more painful than most, as UNC lost a 17-3 lead in the second half as Virginia Tech scored the game's final 17 points.

Does that plot sound familiar? Maybe from a recent NFL game? Let me play a little "Jeopardy" theme music for you here. This all happened veeeeerry recently in a game you may have watched....

OK, time's up. That's exactly the scenario by which the Panthers won over the Chicago Bears last week. They were down 17-3 and they won 20-17 by scoring the game's last 17 points in a row.

I wrote my column for Sunday's paper about how the Tar Heels just haven't arrived yet. And they better hope quarterback T.J. Yates -- who missed the last quarter-and-a-half due to an ankle injury -- returns quickly. Redshirt freshman Mike Paulus, who had two fourth-quarter interceptions, looked nowhere near ready.

The postgame report on Yates was that he didn't break the ankle, it was just a sprain, but whether it was high (more severe) or low is uncertain. More tests will be run tomorrow to help determine whether he will be able to play in the game at Miami (which is 12 noon, Sept.27, and isn't going to be a picnic for whatever Tar Heel QB starts, although to be fair UNC did get a big win over the Hurricanes last year).

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crboddie said...

I like Butch DAvis and I like what he has done so far, but Aside from Yates being hurt and the penalties there was one other thing that contributed to us losing this game and others! if he doesn't change this.

PLAY TO YOUR STRENTHS!!!!!! If you can't do something! don't waste time trying!(if it's a personal issue and it is with us) UNC RB's and Oline are pathetic! they were last year and they look like their pathetic! again this year every since they couldn't even run the ball vs McNesse ST. So Butch has GOT! to open up the run with the pass!! our strength lies in our passing game, our dynamic WR's and good QB.The oline is decent in pass blocking. The defense is good and Returner Tate is really good. WE ARE A JOKE!! handing the ball off from center....on ANY DOWN! especially 1st! so STOP!! wasting a down! handing the ball off in I formation and double TE set....we cant even run the ball vs 5 and 6 man fronts!! SO STOP TRYING!!!! it's a waste! I mean I am not saying to "never' run the ball but line up in 2WR Sets and handing the ball off to a pathetic! RB to run behind a even more pathetic! oline is stupid! Spread it out!!! go 3 and 4 wide! and throw the ball!!! 30 to 40 times a game..and Run the ball off Draw plays and delays......until you have the personal to ACtually run the ball respectively.

And when we are up we must keep attacking because.....we have no run game to run clock!! good the strengthS!!! to what they hope butch isn't stuborn! in this...and realizes handing the ball off from center to the most embarrasing run attack the ACC has seen in 50 years!! is well...stupid!