Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the Cowboys and the ridiculous DeSean Jackson

It's very early, but you've got to figure Dallas as the leader in the clubhouse for the NFC's Super Bowl spot in Tampa Bay.

Yes, the Cowboys just allowed 37 points to Philadelphia -- but they won anyway. If you stayed up throughout that hugely entertaining Monday Night Football game -- and I couldn't quite make it -- you saw what may be the best MNF game of the season. Dallas' 41-37 win showed the Cowboys are going to simply outscore a whole lot of people this season, even though their defense is vulnerable.

There are now five undefeated teams in the NFC: Carolina, the defending Super Bowl champion N.Y. Giants, Green Bay, Arizona (?!) and Dallas. The Cowboys play at Green Bay Sunday, so the number will be no more than four after Week 3.

I did watch a lot of the MNF game, however, and the play that will be most remembered will be rookie DeSean Jackson's trying-to-be-cool flick of the ball after running down what should have been a long TD pass from Donovan McNabb on the way to the end zone. Jackson was so anxious to get into his TD dance that he threw the ball behind him at the 1. Philly scored anyway because the refs awarded the Eagles' possession after Wade Phillips' challenge.

Two other leftover notes from this weekend's action: 1) San Diego totally got the shaft. That call on Jay Cutler's obvious fumble that allowed Denver to get the ball again: that was just absolutely wrong.

2) Kudos to ESPN for coming up with a great highlight, showing Jackson in a high school All-America game doing a variation of the same thing. He was about to score, did a front flip into the end zone -- and left the ball at the 1 to be recovered by the other team. This is a kid who someone needs to get hold of and talk some sense into. Hopefully, Jackson's public humiliation will discourage more football-playing youngsters from wanting to emulate him.


Godwin said...

as much as the showboating was humiliating for jackson, i'm willing to bet more people are mad about what his antics did to their fantasy football situations (robbing mcnabb and jackson of td points and giving them to westbrook) than anything else...hahaha

David said...

I agree goodwin. what a dumb move.

I picked up DeSean Jackson late in the draft and he cost me some points last night but fortunatly I still won by 14. I am considering dropping him for that dumb mistake.

though - my opponent had T.O. and thankfully he only scored 2 TD's.


vavavivian said...

David wrote:
I am considering dropping him for that dumb mistake.

That will certainly teach him! He'll never make that mistake again now! He'll never be able to overcome being dropped from your Fantasy Team! LOL!

Just teasing ya... ;)

teemcqueen2008 said...

its funny that everbody critizes desaun jackson bonehead play from blogs all over the internet. the main reason is because they lost fanasty points when he made that stupid play. hardly no one critizes him because it is a bad example to kids out there not because of their fanasty team. it really sounds like everbody is being selfish themselves,"Oh i lost fanasty points, what am i going to do" give me a break people..lol

Jason said...

That's true. We should condemn people for setting bad examples for our kids - like not being able to spell or write grammatically, for instance.