Sunday, September 7, 2008

3 things I didn't like about the Panthers' opener

And now, following the 10 things I did like, here are three of the things I didn't like about the Panthers' season opener:

1. Carolina’s pass defense when it counted. Thanks to the offense, the Panthers got saved, but they allowed Philip Rivers to throw three TD passes – two of them in the fourth quarter.

2. D.J. Hackett losing that fumble that set up the Chargers’ last TD. Hackett also had some nice moments, but that one could have been a killer.

3. The call the Panthers came up with when going on it on fourth-and-goal from inside the San Diego 1 in the first quarter. Kudos to John Fox for going for it there, but a play-action pass when all you’ve talked about all season is running the ball better and being more physical? It served the Panthers right for Jake Delhomme's throw to fall incomplete.


Anonymous said...

You left out the muffed punt return that was almost a SD touchdown.

Scott Fowler said...

Hi, this is Scott: That's so true. I didn't know what category to put that one in -- the "10 things I liked" or "3 I didn't" -- because Dante Wesley made an incredible play to save that TD after Mark Jones muffed the punt. Undoubtedly this will be the most underrated play of the game.

greg said...


Add to your list the Panthers offensive play inside the 20. What was it? 4 field goals and 1 touchdown? We need to reverse those results.

Michael said...

1. Carolina shouldn't have HAD to play defense on the first TD pass. Rivers was CLEARLY across the line on 3rd down.
2. I'm fairly convinced that ball came out WHEN he hit the ground, not before; thus, no fumble.
3. The playcalling wasn't the problem. King came open, he just wasn't looking for the ball.