Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bears take 17-3 lead with ease

The Panthers look determined to spend this entire game deep in a hole.

Carolina excited its fans for about 30 seconds on its opening drive of the third quarter. Jake Delhomme threw a long ball to Muhsin Muhammad, and Moose made a diving catch for a 34-yard gain. That got Carolina to its 46. On the next play, however, Delhomme threw a short pass to tight end Jeff King.

The ball hit King in the midsection, but he raised his hands and managed to cough it away. Charles Tillman grabbed it -- it was officially tabbed an interception, although it could have been called a fumble -- and ran it inside the Carolina 30. The Bears quickly converted that for a TD.

Just like in the first half, the Bears scored almost immediately after the half began. Now they are up 17-3, which looks like a nearly insurmountable lead as well as the Chicago defense is playing.

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