Monday, September 8, 2008

Dante Rosario's secret identity revealed!

I've gotten several e-mails about this today and chuckled about each one. At the end of Carolina's 26-24 win over San Diego Sunday, Fox Sports put up a graphic entitled "UPS Leaderboard." There it displayed the Panthers' passing, rushing and receiving leaders -- standard practice for Fox Sports.

What was not standard was the fact that hot young actress Rosario Dawson was listed as the Panthers' leading receiver rather than Carolina tight end Dante Rosario, who had just caught the winning TD pass from Jake Delhomme. Oops! I talked to Fox Sports spokeman Dan Bell Monday afternoon. He said it was a "simple mistake" and apologized for it.

There's no connection between the two except their shared "Rosario" name. Does anyone else out there know of another famous or semi-famous "Rosario" that maybe Fox Sports could use the next time Dante Rosario does something good? Let me know. Sounds like the least Fox Sports could do as a "make-good" for this one is invite the actress Rosario to meet the football player Rosario at a Panther game at some point.

I looked up Rosario Dawson's movie career on and have only seen one thing she's ever been in -- she was one of the stars of "Rent," the fantastic, rock-out Broadway play turned into a movie in 2005. On the positive side, her NFL career is apparently going very well.


Doc said...

I saw that too and figured they had the 'B-team' production crew working in the truck for that game.

The important thing is that every opposing defensive coordinator the Panthers will face this year now knows who Dante Rosario is. He won't sneak up on anyone after that performace yesterday.

tom said...

Yea did anyone else notice the fact that they had no replays of the panthers first drive. They of course got it right when Chargers started their first offensive drive. Definately the B team!

Dan Dove said...

In addition to the Dante Rosario/Rosario Dawson issue, FOX also incorrectly had a picture of Eric Shelton in the starting lineup instead of LJ Shelton.

ClipClopMcHipHop said...

Dante Rosario looks like a nice tight end option for the Panthers this year.

Rosario Dawson looks nice and if I had the option I'd like to...

Pete said...

Since we're bringing up FOX...I'm really "ticked" that I finally move to North Carolina (Outer Banks/KDH) and I can't watch the Panthers (even when the DeadSkins aren't playing) without going to a bar! Well I chose to listen to it on the rdaio instead of watching the Cowboys. I'm glad to see we get the Panthers Huddle now.


nohuiam said...

so... If they got married she'd be Rosario Rosario.

TheocratIssak said...

Hi all -
Later, during NBC's SNA, Keith Oberman said "Dante Rosario Dawson."
She is famous with Kevin Smith films, Jay + Silent Bob, Clerks, Clerks II and several others. She is also in the upcoming movie Eagle Eye with Shia LeBouf. From the trailers, she's one of the FBI people.
Be Well.

J said...

Rosario Dawson was also the lead female character in "Men In Black II" with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

And let's continue trashing FOX. I thought Dick Stockton was in such a state of glee after Antonio Gates' touchdown that he might have a heart attack. As they went to commercial, I said, "We'll be right back here on the San Diego Chargers television network."

Fox has 2 broadcast teams - Buck, Aikman, Oliver and Albert, Johnston, Saragusa - worth watching. The rest of them are horrible. The Brennaman-Billick team could be good. CBS runs circles around FOX when it comes to football broadcast teams.

endzonefan said...

There were several gaffes by the commentating crew as well. At times, they didn't seem to know which team was which, and once made a reference to Philip Rivers almost being sacked when the Panthers were on offense.
From the start, they were clearly biased toward the Chargers, and even at the end, were "stunned" when the Panthers scored.
What a couple of nimrods.