Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Goings, O'Brien and fantasy football

1) No Panther player had a worse start this year than Nick Goings. He's been responsible for errors that have led to two opponents' TDs in the past two weeks -- one for failing to block his man properly on a Jason Baker punt, the other for not recognizing a cornerback blitz against Minnesota and instead going out for a pass and allowing Jake Delhomme to be sacked on the play that changed the game.

2) The Panthers' Flag Day problems -- penalty after penalty after penalty -- are the subject of my column today. Given how much John Fox promises to emphasize that this week, I wouldn't want to be the first guy who false-starts Sunday vs. Atlanta.

3) How many millions of fantasy-football owners are kicking themselves for having Ronnie Brown and his 5 TDs on their bench this past week? I used to play fantasy football, but I got tired of stuff like that. There are so many decisions you have to make in life already that are 50-50 callls and have the potential to make you feel bad. I figured I could use a few less of those.

Oh, who am I kidding? If I'd been winning my league, I'd still be in it.

4) It'd be easier for me to feel sorry for N.C. State coach Tom O'Brien and his many legitimate injury problems if he'd be more forthcoming about them. To say that your starting QB Russell Wilson is out for Saturday's game vs. South Florida, and then not to say what Wilson's injury is, as O'Brien did Monday -- that's simply the wrong way to treat your fans and the media.

O'Brien, whose team had a huge win Saturday with Wilson playing well at QB, will have to say what Wilson's injury is Thursday anyway by ACC rules. And he's already declared that Wilson is out for this game (Harrison Beck will start at QB vs. 13th-ranked South Florida). So what's the downside of a little more honesty?


Kirk said...

You realize that O'Brien only needs to announce injuries that are "season-ending" on Monday, right? You know, according to the ACC's policies?

You realize that someone asked O'Brien why Irving and Wilson weren't on the depth chart for the game, right?

You realize that he announces week-to-week injuries on Thursday, right? You know, according to the ACC's policies?

Trevor said...

How is with holding the injury not being honest. I mean there is a date to disclose injuries as set by the ACC. Does it kill you to wait until Thursday?

Anonymous said...

Dope, I dropped Roonie Brown in week 2 .

Anonymous said...

I don't feel bad at all. I started Ronnie Brown in week 3. Needless to say, I won my match. I knew he'd eventually pass Ricky "Hippie lettuce" Williams on the depth chart.