Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shaky start for UNC against LSU

I'm in Atlanta tonight, watching the Tar Heels (minus seven defensive starters embroiled in the school's NCAA scandal) play LSU.

My column on what the widening NCAA probe means to UNC can be seen here. It has been interesting the reaction that column has gotten -- about evenly split between UNC alums who are disgusted by the whole thing and are glad I was critical of the Tar Heels and other e-mails from "true blue" Tar Heels who say I'm tarring and feathering people without due process.

Interesting. In the meantime, UNC fumbled the ball away 20 seconds into this game, but escaped when the patchwork defense held.

Then it took only two plays for UNC to fumble again, and once again LSU recovered, this time at the UNC 30. While the Tar Heel defense took the brunt of the suspensions, it's the offense that has looked very shaky early.

That second fumble led to a 6-yard LSU TD pass -- it's 7-0, LSU, with 8:57 still left in the first quarter.


Anonymous said...

Don't remember seeing box scores for any of the other local teams today.

Anonymous said...

3 possessions, 3 fumbles. this is what i call 'must see tv'. the funny thing is that unc could have all their starters in on offense and they would still be absymal. that is the tj yikes & co. we have grown to know and love..