Saturday, September 4, 2010

23-10 LSU over UNC midway through 2nd quarter

In a first half that is honestly more entertaining than I expected, LSU just took a 14-10 lead over UNC on a 50-yard run on a reverse from Russell Shepard (it was Shepard's second TD of the game).

UNC had taken a brief lead, 10-7, following a shocking 75-yard pass play from T.J. Yates to Jheranie Boyd that took UNC to a first-and-goal at the LSU 5. It would have been 14-7 but UNC fullback Devon Ramsay -- who made a great play to score UNC's only TD -- dropped a sure TD pass.

Then LSU quickly came back. The crowd is in full throat and the game, for now, is very competitive.

UPDATE: UNC, which has had problems much of the night getting the ball snapped correctly, just had center Jonathan Cooper snap it right past T.J. Yates and through the end zone. That gave LSU a safety and a 16-10 lead.

UPDATE 2: LSU's Patrick Patterson, who has given Tar Heels trouble all night on returns, just ran a punt all the way back for a TD. That made it 23-10 LSU with 4:01 left in 2nd quarter.


Anonymous said...

headline says 16-10, story says 23-10, its actually 30-10

I love the ACC, but I think this is a case of SEC football > ACC football

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt a full UNC squad with or without Austin would easily defeat LSU. What a shame.
If UNC gets secondary back, still could be a good year. Yates looking good and D still pretty good. Special teams killng them cuz of lack of players.