Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clausen throws a crucial interception

Well, that was a quarter Jimmy Clausen would like to forget.

He just threw an interception inside the Cincinnati 10, which blew up Carolina's second good scoring chance of the game. This one came after Carolina's Charles Godfrey intercepted a Carson Palmer pass and returned it 38 yards to the Cincinnati 20.

Clausen for the first quarter: one lost fumble, one interception, one completion (for 14 yards).

Carolina still trails, 7-0, as the second quarter begins.

The defense is playing relatively well, though, having intercepted Palmer twice (and nearly doing so two other times). The Godfrey interception was caused in part by great pressure from Everette Brown and Charles Johnson around the ends.


Anonymous said...

Lets face it.This offense is just plain bad.

Anonymous said...

Weather looks nasty. Hell of a first game to come in to.

John said...

Well, can we perhaps now admit that the turnovers aren't always just bad QB play? Perhaps they have more to do with O-line play and a failure to come up with a compentent counterpart to Steve Smith!

Anonymous said...

I believe we could be worse than the Seifert 1/15 year! Oh my!

This smacks of Weinke, Buerline, and Peete!

Anonymous said...

Why the **** is Mike Goodson playing so much????? Just another example of horrible coaching. I don't care what the kid shows you in practice. You have williams and stewart, wtf are davidson and fox thinking. This is an awful team and an awful game.