Sunday, September 26, 2010

10-0 Bengals at halftime

The Panthers have not given the fans braving the rain and drizzle at Bank of America Stadium much to cheer about, as Cincinnati leads 10-0 at halftime.

Panther RB Mike Goodson had a horrible series just before halftime. On first down, he dropped a short pass from Clausen. Then he fumbled a handoff and had it bounce off his knee 10 yards down the field. The Bengals recovered -- it was Carolina's third turnover of the first half.

Clausen in the first half: 1-for-5, 14 yards, one interception, one lost fumble.

Still, Carolina is in the game, in part because Cincinnati wasted an opportunity to score more points just before halftime after Goodson's fumble.

Cincinnati quickly got a pass from Palmer to Jordan Shipley to the Panther 5 after Goodson's fumble. A false start penalty moved the ball back to the 10. Palmer then threw one incompletion and a short pass, but couldn't get off another snap from the Cincinnati 5.

So Carolina is down by only 10 at halftime, but those two first-half scoring opportunities where the Panthers turned the ball over may really haunt them.


Anonymous said...

Time to pull out a vintage grocery bag we had when we were in N'Orleans with the Aints.

Anonymous said...

And the crowd goes... HOME....