Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Panther corners among top 5 NFL tandems?

A couple of notes as the NFL season looms:

1)'s Steve Wyche has listed Carolina Panther starting cornerbacks Chris Gamble and Richard Marshall No.5 out of the 32 CB tandems in the NFL. That's a bit unusual in that neither Gamble nor Marshall have ever made the Pro Bowl or been much of a big name in the NFL, but the two have definitely become a solid pairing. Here's the link if you're curious about Nos.1-4.

2)Julius Peppers has had quite a preseason in Chicago, where teammates and coaches are raving about his ability (no surprise there) and he's also been elected a defensive co-captain along with LB Brian Urlacher (given Peppers' reticence, that's a surprise).

3) Watch for expanded NFL coverage in Thursday's sports section and online, as we preview the Panthers and the league in-depth and Tom Sorensen and I make our annual predictions about the Panthers season. Incidentally, we got a question during my online chat Tuesday about who would win in a streetfight between myself, Sorensen and Bobcats writer extraordinaire Rick Bonnell. I voted for Bonnell. The quickie online poll, however had Sorensen first, Bonnell second and me dead last.


Anonymous said...

We liked Pep his rookie year also, just wait until the season gets going. he'll have his 3 or 4 double sack games and thats it.

Anonymous said...

Gamble still does not know how to tackle..."grab grab grab"

t said...

Pep had a good preseason? hmmm . . . I was in Chicago and watched the local news, they were joking, something to the effect of "did Julius play?" another article after the third preseason game "where's Julius" the locals are learning what we know, he's just a check casher who could care less about the actual game!

Jerry from Executive Media said...

OMG how dare Peppers only go over 2 or 3 sacks four times a year.

Seriously you people are morons. The man had lived 28 years in North Carolina..sometimes people want to move on.

I don't much like the observer taking shots at Peppers in so many articles either.

The man does not suddenly suck or take whole games off because he went to the Bears. Seriously.