Monday, September 13, 2010

4 Monday morning NFL thoughts

1) That was a catch Detroit's Calvin Johnson made, and it would have won the game for Detroit over Chicago. If the refs were handcuffed by a bad rule, then so be it, but that was a catch.

2) Guess who leads the NFC South in points scored? It's your very own Carolina Panthers, who have 18. Everyone else had 17 or less -- even New Orleans -- but the Saints and Tampa Bay are 1-0, while Atlanta and Carolina are 0-1. The Panthers also have allowed the most points in the division so far (31).

3) Did you see the end of the Dallas-Washington game Sunday night? Incredible finish, but that was the right call on the offensive holding. 'Skins win, 13-7.

4) John Fox's press conference is at 12:30 p.m. today, so expect some more news on Panther QB Matt Moore's concussion at that point if not sooner. Given the seriousness that the NFL treats concussions with these days, Carolina will at least have to prepare rookie QB Jimmy Clausen as if he's going to play Sunday, whether he does or not.


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of our needle-dick qb's we need a real Qb. I don't think clausen will light a fire for the offense against TB. I would expect 2 tds 2ints most likely.

Anonymous said...

Calvin shuffled his feet and actually took 3 steps before going to the ground. That's a catch and negates the "through contact with the ground" clause. He hit the ball on the ground as he was getting up to celebrate. That was a case of the lesser known team getting the shaft, which happened twice in the Panthers game.

Anonymous said... ,u can't play 10 on 11 .I DON'T CARE ,who u are.get WR fast please.everyone but smitty is LOST.the fans are tired of paying good money to see this.A BRYANT avail.

Michael said...

2 & 2 would be a vast improvement over Moore, 11:30. And no, it doesn't, 12:40. Until he stops moving, it's not a catch. HE was the stupid one for choosing to drop the ball while he was on the ground in his celebration.